Non-Toxic Perfume w/ Essential Oils

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Maybe you've already heard about the scary chemicals in the products on the shelves at Target. Maybe you haven't. No matter what, here are some facts.

+ The FDA does not require companies to disclose what is in their "fragrance" ingredient. When you grab a bottle of perfume or body wash and see that word "fragrance", it looks like it's just one ingredient. However, that one word represents up to 3,000 other ingredients. These ingredients include known carcinogens, hormone disrupters, and toxic chemicals that your body wants nothing to do with.

+ Fragrance is found in your body wash, perfumes, shampoos, air fresheners, cleaning products, and more. It's almost impossible to avoid.

+ The only way to know which products contain the toxic chemicals, is if you have a gas chromatograph or mass spectrometer. I don't know about you, but I don't have one of those laying around so I choose to avoid the word "fragrance" all together!

Thankfully, there is a better way! Pure, quality essential oils like Young Living Essential Oils are derived from plants and smell even better than those toxic chemicals! I love making my own perfume because 1) it's super easy and fun, 2) I know exactly what is in it, and 3) it actually is supporting my body. Scroll to the bottom for my favorite recipe.

Homemade Perfume | Sweet & Light:

+ 20 drops orange essential oil

+ 15 drops valor essential oil

+ 15 drops white angelica essential oil

+ fill the rest of the bottle with vodka or unscented witch hazel