how to order your premium starter kit

To order your starter kit, read the instructions below then click here.

i’m so excited for you to get your hands on this oily goodness and join my well and wandering community!! by signing up through me, you will get access to all kinds of resources including a private facebook group full of recipes, education, and amazing people! 

when you place your order, I will send you a welcome email & some happy mail with some of my favorite perfume roller, resources & recipes ⋒ 


ordering your kit is easy! just click here & follow the step by step instructions below :)

1. select the member box (24% off for life heyooo) then click "continue" 

2. the premium starter kit will already be selected for $165, but you get to choose your diffuser. the desert mist & dewdrop are included in the price of the kit, but if you wanna get fancy you can upgrade to the aria (which is GOALS)! I have the aria in my living room and 2 desert mists (one in the kitchen & one in our bedroom). 

website graphics.png

3. next, it's going to ask you if you want to enroll in essential rewards aka ER (aka my holistic amazon!). it's my favorite part about young living because it makes natural living #easypeasy. each month, you get to choose from all of young living's natural products like shampoo, supplements, lotion, skin care, makeup, and obviously oils ;) Young living has it all!! You also get 10% back on everything. At month four, that gets bumped up to 20%! And eventually after 2 years on ER, you will earn 25% back! I love Target, but they don’t do that for me!


+ just for clicking "yes" to making your starter kit your first ER order, you will get $10 back in store credit!

+ your premium starter kit counts as your first month ER order so no additional money needs to be spent up front! ⋒

+ ER is optional, but definitely recommended if you want natural living to be easy and affordable!

+ you can cancel at any time with no penalty

4. if you chose to sign up for ER, you will set up your order for next month. (Keep in mind, you can change it after enrolling!) Here are some of my favorites so you can get ideas on what to add for next month :) 


5. make sure my member number is filled into both boxes (14974302). then enter in your name, address, info, etc. then create a username & pin! make sure to write all that down so you can easily login later :) 

6. checkout, get to the confirmation page, and do a happy dance because you've got some gooooods comin' your way!

i'm so excited for you to get your kit. you are in good hands ⋒ I'll send you an email with all the info you need to know within a day of you placing your order.